Meditation has been known for ages to help eliminate stress and allow for a clearer mind. Who doesn’t want that? In a world where sometimes it feels like you cannot escape stress and negative energy; whether in real life or on the internet, 10 minutes is all you need to start improving your quality of life.
One easy method to get started is the deep breathing technique. First start with deep breath inhaling through your nose while expanding your belly for four counts, then exhale and bring your naval to your spine for four counts and repeat for up to 10 minutes. When you’re at the height of your stress take a small break and practice this technique and I guarantee you’ll be feeling stress free in no time. Incorporating this technique after a workout is even better to get stress levels lower. So come check us out let some steam out and get hurricane fit all in one place.

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I post videos and content laying out my best strategies on how to drop body fat and build muscle in there EVERY WEEK.

When are you finally going to get your body right? When is it going to be your time? Stop waiting and TAKE ACTION, before another year passes by and you’re still the same.

Talk soon,

Coach Hurricane

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