Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, so do I

I have a dream that people will be less judgmental inside fitness facilities  I have a dream that people will come together and support each other be to better and healthier  I have a dream that people will eat their fruit servings each day  I have a dream people will...

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Weight Loss Simplified

We tend to struggle with the idea of losing weight and over complicating the process. There is a simple equation to follow when wanting to lose weight.    Calorie intake is less than Calories output = weight loss over time   Losing weight is all...

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Do you burn what you eat?

It is very easy for us to consume a lot of calories daily without really thinking about the amount of exercise needed to burn it off. We do not always understand the amount of work needed to burn of the calories that we eat or drink. We understand that a meal can be...

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HIIT At Home

Have 30 minutes? Try this HIIT workout at home! Jumping jacks (40 seconds) …20 sec break Push-ups (40 seconds) …20 second break  Forward lunges (40 seconds) …20 second break Bridges (40 seconds) …20 second break  Jumping jack (40 seconds) …20 second break...

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Happy Movement Monday!

Sitting at a desk all day conducting your business? Try some of these stretches and exercises while at work or at home to get your body moving and feeling great. Sitting for long periods of time can compromise your posture, induce back pain, have us feeling achy and...

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Are Protein Bars Healthy?

We always want to choose snacks that will aide us in our weight loss or keep us on track of maintaining our current weight. We are also individuals who are busy and are always on the go. Why not choose some protein bars as they are easy to throw in our bags and munch...

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Happy New Year!

Start the new year with a fresh start, fresh mindset and new goals with new effort.  Let’s leave the excuses in 2018!  With the new year we tend to make many major goals and get frustrated when we do not reach them quick enough. Try sitting down and making...

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