The Most Dangerous Fat Is the Easiest to Lose

It’s every weight loss enthusiast’s dream to zap belly fat but, far from pure vanity, there’s actually a reason why having a lot of fat in the abdominal region can be dangerous. Fat is stored all over our body, but how does an expanding waistline grow your risk for...

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Why Weight Loss and Fat Loss AREN’T THE SAME

Looking to drop that stubborn body fat and finally get that lean, chiseled body you want and deserve? ==> Start Transforming Your Body Now and get coached by me for the next 12 weeks to do it. Wait... losing weight and losing fat aren't the same thing? Yep, there's...

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How to Make Dieting Feel Easy (4 quick tips)

Are you trying to shred body fat but having trouble sticking to your diet? I know it sucks when you feel hungry, tired, and burnt out while dieting... See the thing is you need to find a way to feel full while dieting which is no easy feat. If you don't find a way to...

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Have 30 minutes? Try this HIIT workout at home!

Home Workout Here are a few Total Body exercises that will Challenge you to ensure it Changes You! Another one that will surely make you Hate Us or Love Us tomorrow Enjoy! Done for TIME 1 minute work/20sec rest Repeat 3- 5x   1️⃣ Bulgarian Lunge w/curl &...

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The STUPID EASY Intermittent Fasting Guide!

Have you been struggling to drop body fat? Does it seem like no matter HOW GOOD you are during the week, HOW STRICT you're, the scale moves no where every week? Listen, I know exactly where you're at. I've been there before. That was until I discovered intermittent...

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How Fast Are You Eating Your Meals?

When we are hungry and our stomachs are growling, we start to salivate at the thought of food. When we get our food, we tend to inhale it without thinking about our eating pace. Have you ever thought about changing your eating pace? Eating at a slower pace can help...

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Flax seeds Vs. Chia Seeds

Flax seeds and chia seeds are both known to help aid in weight loss as they can help reduce hunger and make you fill fuller for a longer period of time. Benefits of Flax Seeds Provides a lot of nutrients. Each table spoon is filled with protein, carbs, fats, fiber,...

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Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, so do I

I have a dream that people will be less judgmental inside fitness facilities  I have a dream that people will come together and support each other be to better and healthier  I have a dream that people will eat their fruit servings each day  I have a dream people will...

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Weight Loss Simplified

We tend to struggle with the idea of losing weight and over complicating the process. There is a simple equation to follow when wanting to lose weight.    Calorie intake is less than Calories output = weight loss over time   Losing weight is all...

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Do you burn what you eat?

It is very easy for us to consume a lot of calories daily without really thinking about the amount of exercise needed to burn it off. We do not always understand the amount of work needed to burn of the calories that we eat or drink. We understand that a meal can be...

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