Still Doing Crunches?

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Still Doing Crunches?

Summer is right around the corner and with a few weeks left there’s still some time to loose a few pounds for that swim suit you’ve been eyeing. Whether your in the gym or at home you can always get an ab workout in, but are you working all your ab muscles? A good balanced diet mixed with a complete ab routine is ideal for a tight waist. There are four major muscles in the abdomen and in order to train them effectively you should be doing more than just crunches. These four muscles are the Rectus Abdominis, Transverse Abdominis, Internal Obliques and External Obliques.

Each of these muscles are attached to different bones in the core and move in different directions. The Rectus Abdominis direction is vertical, Transverse is horizontal, Internal is diagonal going downward and External obliques also are diagonal but going upwards, in order to train efficiently you need to be moving in the direction that the muscle is made to move. So these complex muscles need to be trained in all different kinds of ways. There are so many options for a great ab routine and below is a list of abdominal moves guaranteed to hit all your AB muscles.

Each workout can be done for 12-15 reps repeated 3 times no more than 30 second break in between:

Vertical Leg lifts

Russian twists


Side planks

Supine toe touches

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