Do Probiotics and Prebiotics Help with Weight Loss?

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Loosing weight is not easy especially when you aren’t putting in the time to workout. That’s when your diet comes in to play and it’s more important than you think, everything you put into your body makes or breaks your results especially when your cheat day comes around and it turns into a cheat week. This can cause bloating and trigger some digestion problems which can delay your gains and can be really discouraging, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your journey. Regrouping and coming back to healthy habits is the best thing you can do for your weight loss. When you feel like your digestion is not on point your gut bacteria could be off. Probiotics are the main sources of live bacteria in your digestive track that has many functions especially aiding in digestion. Prebiotic’s aid in the maintenance of healthy levels of probiotics, for example foods like celery, asparagus, bananas and whole wheat. Basically anything that is high in fiber help probiotics to thrive in you’re digestive tract.

The main source of probiotic foods are usually dairy and fermented products such as yogurts, tempeh, pickles and kombucha, but if your not into these foods, probiotic supplements can be a good replacement to get some extra good bacteria. Combining a moderate amount of prebiotic’s mixed with probiotic foods should help aid in reducing your waistline and help minimize bloating. For weight loss nothing beats a great diet with a calorie deficit. Even with probiotic supplementation, making sure you stay on point with your diet and exercise is always the key to feeling and looking good. Read more below for more information on prebiotics and probiotics. 

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