How To Make Dieting Feel Easy (4 quick tips)

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Are you trying to shred body fat but having trouble sticking to your diet? I know it sucks when you feel hungry, tired, and burnt out while dieting… See the thing is you need to find a way to feel full while dieting which is no easy feat. If you don’t find a way to feel full while dieting you will struggle, then get tired of it and quit. When you quit you never reach your goals. Here are 4 tips you can use to diet to lose body fat without feeling hungry and starving yourself.

Drink Less Calories

If you are having trouble staying in a caloric deficit (which is required to lose weight) you may need to stop drinking your calories. These means drinking less milk, juices, and soda because they are adding calories that aren’t keeping you full. Stick to drinking water, skim milk, and protein shakes made with either. This is one simple way to cut calories fast!

Cook With 0 Calorie Sprays

A really simple way to subtract calories is substituting a 0 calorie spray for your cooking oils and butters. Butter and olive oil can add just over 100 calories per tablespoon to your meals, which adds up fast. If you still want to cook occasionally with oil of butter that’s fine, but just make sure to account for the calories.

Eat high Volume Foods

You need to add more high volume foods to your meals to keep you full on your cut! Foods such as broccoli, Greek yogurt, potatoes, popcorn, cottage cheese, oats, egg whites, are great examples that you can use. By incorporating these lower calorie per gram foods you can get way more volume in your meals and snacks so that you feel much more full even though you are eating less!

Eat Slower

If you are having trouble feeling full while shredding, you may need to eat slower. Chew every bite fully and thoughtfully, and match your pace to the slowest eater at the table. This allows you to actually enjoy your food and give your body time to realize that it is full. Your digestive system will also thank you because you will have less stomach aches, and digest your food better. If you need more help and want to join a community of like minded individuals who are also trying to drop body fat you can join my f’ree

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