How Fast Are You Eating Your Meals?

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When we are hungry and our stomachs are growling, we start to salivate at the thought of food. When we get our food, we tend to inhale it without thinking about our eating pace. Have you ever thought about changing your eating pace? Eating at a slower pace can help you feel fuller faster as well as aide you in weight loss.

Did you know that it can take up to 15-20 minutes before your brain gets notice that there is food in your stomach? When eating at a slower pace, you are giving time for your stomach to communicate with your brain (specifically your hypothalamus) that it is receiving food. This is why many times when we eat our food fast, soon after we feel overstuffed and bloated (think back to thanksgiving). Eating at a slow pace will allow you to feel satisfied without over eating which can help those trying to lose weight.

So when it comes to eating your meals, eat them slowly and really enjoy every bite!

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