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We tend to struggle with the idea of losing weight and over complicating the process. There is a simple equation to follow when wanting to lose weight.

Calorie intake is less than Calories output = weight loss over time

Losing weight is all about canceling and burning more calories than what we consume through the day. As we decrease our calorie intake and increase the amount of work we do we are now on the road for losing weight. Because we are consuming less calories, it is very important to then think about the food we choose to eat. We always want to make sure that we are consuming foods that would be nutritionally beneficial to our bodies. We do not want to go down the road of feeling like we are continuously starving ourselves daily to just lose weight. We want to lose weight in a healthy way while also keeping our bodies happy and satisfied.

One thing we also have to keep in mind while on the journey of weight loss is about the portion sizes we eat. A lot of the time we over eat because we don’t really stick to the portion sizes we should be eating. This is especially true for when we go out to eat. Try meal planning and cooking your meals over the weekend in correct portions.

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