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It is very easy for us to consume a lot of calories daily without really thinking about the amount of exercise needed to burn it off. We do not always understand the amount of work needed to burn of the calories that we eat or drink. We understand that a meal can be 350 calories or that a soda can be 200 calories, but how much work does it take to burn that off?

Here are some basic foods and the amount of work that we would need to do in order to cancel those calories out.

Calorie ConsumptionAmount of Exercise to Burn it Off

Bottle of Soda - 250 calories

5 mile walk or 50 minutes of running
Starbucks frap - 500 calories170 minutes of pilates
Fried chicken breast 440 calories65 minutes of stationary bike at moderate speed
Chocolate bar - 229 calories42 minutes brisk walk
Large McDonald's French Fries + Big Mac + Large Soda - 1330 calories5 hours and 23 minutes of strength training

As you can see, it takes a lot more work to burn off the calories that takes us 15 minutes to consume. So think before you eat and drink! Make healthier choices and definitely incorporate exercise into your life.

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